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The Commercial department comprises of Marketing, Revenue, Corporate Affairs, Procurement, Retail Systems and Sales.

Internal Communications

In any business, change is one thing that is constant. As such, it’s important to develop an engaged workforce with individuals that are kept up to date with developments and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the company achieving its goals. This is where Internal Communications comes in.

Through a variety of communications mechanisms, including magazines, emails, posters, cascade briefs, face-to-face meetings and the intranet, the Internal Communications team keeps colleagues updated on company, Group and industry news. We promote the sharing of best practice across disciplines and facilitate employee engagement and two-way discussions throughout the business.

We also help maintain a shared vision and sense of ownership in the organisation by promoting the beliefs, behaviours and culture that shape Greater Anglia.


The Greater Anglia marketing department is responsible for revenue generation, the GA brand and marketing communications with existing customers and the population we serve. The team also works closely with all other departments to develop or refine new products, services and passenger environments.


The revenue team looks after various aspects of the business related to the generation of revenue. This includes monitoring and forecasting passenger revenue. We also develop the company fares whilst advising on train capacity and passenger numbers to ensure our train service reflects demand. The team works closely with marketing and retail colleagues to help develop new opportunities to grow our business.

Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Affairs team is responsible for helping the business achieve its targets, by building and improving the company's reputation. We promote Greater Anglia's product developments, service enhancements and other achievements, to encourage more people to take the train. As well as leading the organisation's public and media relations strategy, we develop positive relationships with key stakeholders - including MPs and other politicians, local authorities, user groups and industry watchdogs - which can help secure more improvements and more investment.

From writing press releases, organising product or service launches and working with partners to fund station or integrated transport upgrades, to helping Community Rail Partnerships deliver community-focused, local enhancements, liaising with rail user groups and helping draft a regional rail strategy, the work is always interesting and never dull!!


The Procurement team is responsible for the delivery of the supply chain requirements that Greater Anglia has, to enable them to deliver their services to the passengers. Besides being a major influencer to the bottom line of the company by developing good value in our business partnerships, Procurement regulates the contractual process between the internal customer and supplier. This process is aimed at getting the best conditions for the services and product needs of the Company from the external supplier market.

Our role includes the issuing of Invitation To Tenders, supplier negotiations and contract settlement all aimed at providing value for money to our internal customers.

Retail Systems

With technology improving at lightning speed, it's no surprise that retail point of sale systems are quickly becoming the new benchmark in all walks of retail. In National Rail it's no different. The Retail System team's main goal is to manage those maintenance contracts and develop systems to meet demand and expectation.

The team is committed to challenge suppliers to deliver high system availability to minimise downtime and maximise revenue opportunity through initiatives such as the installation of modern automatic ticket machines.


The Sales department is responsible for new business development and account management of existing key clients and partners. Our range of clients include various airlines at Stansted Airport, corporate customers in and around London, and companies throughout the whole of the Greater Anglia Network. The team works closely together with all disciplines of the Commercial team to ensure a joined up approach.